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Van Dyke

BCAK Registered Kinesiologist, CanFitPro Certified Personal Trainer & Weight Loss Coach


Keaton’s practice is rooted in the gym. Growing up he was far from a natural athlete, but that didn’t stop him from playing sports like hockey, track & field, football and rugby. It wasn’t until he started in the gym where he realized that he didn’t have to be a victim of his circumstance.

The gym showed him that he could improve his life by showing up and doing the work.This power is what he tries to bring out in his clients, injured or not, you have the strength within you to improve. A major part of his practice is helping people realize they are more capable than they think through physical movement and skills teaching. The other aspect of what he does involves putting things into perspective. 

What are your individual day to day requirements? What would you like them to be in the future? I help my clients see what is possible by showing them the path to get where they want to be.He has worked with: lifestyle changes, motivational coaching, balance training 55+ populations, Injury rehab and competitive athletes.

Keaton Van Dyke Registered Kinesiologist Vancouver Bc

Specialty Areas

  • Active Rehabilitation

  • Kinesiology

  • Personal Training

  • Weight Loss Coaching

Other Interests

Keaton enjoys practicing and competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He also appreciates a good coffee and a wander around with his film camera. Out of the city, you’ll find him camping in a forest or hiking up a mountain.

Founder & Personal Trainer