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But as I realized it was also very easy to lose track of yourself and prioritize yourself last. After my second child, I found it difficult to juggle my personal fitness and health goals because of the busy and somewhat chaotic schedule of family life. I thought I could do it myself, I constantly would tell myself next week I will go to the gym, or maybe tomorrow...It took me almost three years and a fitness level that I was ashamed of before I knew I had let things go too far for my comfort and I needed help.

Now, my next challenge was finding someone, a personal trainer that could help me set and accomplish my goals. I was lucky, Prime Fitness was just around the corner! My experience with the trainers at Prime have changed my life and my outlook on my personal limits. Not only have I set goals and accomplished them with the help of my trainers, Cait and Sheila but I have a renewed motivation and drive that helps me be my best! Sheila and Cait, you guys are amazing at what you do and thank you for all the support and for keeping me challenged! *



As a mother of two young children, it is easy to be busy taking care of others, running kids around to various activities and losing track of time.

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